Reduce Stress, Declutter your closet!

Reduce Stress, Declutter your closet!

Decluttering your closet is a great way to reduce stress and get organized. If you're looking for some inspiration, these tips can help you clear out your closet and make room for more clothes.

1. Get rid of everything that doesn't fit

If you have clothes in the back of your closet that don't fit, it's time to let them go. Clothes that don't fit right can cause stress because they never look good on you — and they'll just be sitting there taking up space if you keep them around.

2. Give away or sell items that no longer fit

When you're decluttering, make sure to donate or sell any clothing that doesn't fit anymore but isn't too worn out to wear again. You can take these items to a local thrift store or consignment shop if they're in good condition, or post them online for free pickup (just make sure they're clean).

3. Donate items that are outdated

If an item has been sitting in your closet for years and it's now out of style, give it away! This includes things like old dresses from proms or weddings, handbags from last season's trends, and anything else that feels outdated. Feel free to donate these items as well —
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